Education, support, financial assistance

Oregon Cancer Foundation treats the emotional and psychological needs of those impacted by cancer by providing education, support and financial assistance programs.

Series on Surviving Cancer

When cancer treatment ends, a new chapter of life begins. Our eight-week workshop provides information and support to manage the challenges that arise after cancer treatment. Each session includes an expert presentation followed by a facilitated group discussion.

To find out how you or a loved one can get involved in these services, please call 541.632.3654.

Financial Assistance

A cancer diagnosis can send a family’s finances into a tailspin. Sometimes all that is needed is a small amount of money before other resources kick in or before lifestyle changes can be made. The foundation provides these stopgap funds so no patient has to choose between basic needs and optimal cancer treatment.

To learn more about our Financial Assistance Program, please call 541.632.3654. 

Help us grow

With your help, we can do more. Oregon Cancer Foundation’s goal is to provide these services to those impacted by cancer in Oregon. Every dollar helps. Consider making a donation today.