Empower | Strengthen | Sustain

Oregon Cancer Foundation empowers, strengthens and sustains those impacted by cancer in our community through education, support and financial assistance.


Knowledge is power

A cancer diagnosis comes with many unknowns – strange terminology, a rollercoaster of emotions and uncertain expectations. Through classes we provide information to help navigate the cancer journey.


It takes a village

No one faces cancer alone. Our support groups provide a sense of community to those facing cancer. Hope is found in a safe environment that makes it possible to process fears, hurts and pain, as well as celebrate milestones and develop coping skills.


Barriers reduced

More than 30% of workers live paycheck to paycheck. Circumstances surrounding a cancer diagnosis often throw a family’s delicate financial balance over the edge. No one should have to choose between cancer treatment and basic needs. The Oregon Cancer Foundation provides stopgap financial assistance to those in need.


100% local

Oregon Cancer Foundation serves Lane County residents who have been diagnosed with cancer. Every dollar raised stays in our communities, helping those impacted by cancer to better manage their journey.


Close to home

One in three people will be diagnosed with cancer. It’s a disease that touches all of us. With advances in detection and treatment, more people continue to live after a cancer diagnosis. With the increase of cancer survivors, the need to address the emotional and psychological impacts continues to rise. Once faced with a cancer diagnosis, there is no going back. Survivors are faced with making the best of their lives going forward. The Oregon Cancer Foundation helps them discover a new normal.


Make a difference

We need your help to maintain and grow these vital cancer programs.

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