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What: Ask an Oncologist: Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.

When: January 21st, 6:30pm-7:30pm; 30-40 minute presentation with 15 minutes for Q & A.

Cost: Free, but registration is required. REGISTER NOW.

Location: This class is virtual. Login information will be emailed separately to registered attendees.

About Our Speaker: Dr. Fiorillo is a member of the Oregon Cancer Foundation Board of Directors and is an oncologist at the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute & Research Center in Eugene, Oregon. Dr. Fiorillo attends all local Breast Cancer Tumor Boards and loves working with his Breast Cancer patients.

He is a senior investigator in a Phase 3 Immunotherapy Vaccine Trial for Prostate Cancer, Dr. Fiorillo is also excited by the improving immunotherapy options for malignancies such as melanoma and lymphoma, as well as furthering similar therapeutic vaccination strategies for breast and ovarian cancers.

Joe is loved by his patients. He has a team approach where treatment decisions are made together, Physician and Patient.

“Having trained and participated in many clinical trials at the National Cancer Institute, I am hopeful that, within our lifetime, we will be able to cure most cancers, and those we cannot cure, we will turn into manageable illnesses.” -Joe Fiorillo


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