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Lymphatic Drainage Class With Kimby Maxson

Join us and learn basic information about the Lymphatic System and how you can prevent lymphedema, control current lymphedema and work through the lymph system to stay healthy. Information about dry brushing and the health benefit. Kimby has a wealth of information from her education and her own personal journey with lymphedema.


Over the years I have learned all that I can about our incredible lymph system and what it means to have part of it injured or removed. I’ve also learned that the lymphatic system is a huge part of the immune system and that a sluggish lymph system can cause frequent illness, hormone imbalances, insomnia, fatigue, headaches, digestive problems and get this…weight gain and cellulite among other things.

On the bright side, it’s not difficult to improve the health of this system—a healthy lymphatic system can increase energy, remove toxins from the body, distribute hormones and beneficial nutrients, increase immunity and improve overall general health.

Lymphatic massage or drainage is a gentle, effective way to work with this system. Slow, specific strokes guide fluid through the body. Topical application of oils, dry brushing, hydrotherapy and cupping are some additional tools to assist the healthy flow of lymph.

General lymphatic maintenance can, and should, be done at regularly so in addition to working on clients I teach them to learn about and work on their own bodies.

More about Kimby:

Kimby Maxson has always been motivated in the fields of wellness and health. In 1997 she completed the massage program at LCC. Massage was never intended as a career but she soon found bodywork to be not only an invaluable tool in the lives of others but in her own life as well.

In 1998 Kimby was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Following an extensive surgery she developed lymphedema which was the driving force in her education in lymphatic therapies. Over the years she has studied multiple modalities and has developed her own unique blend of therapies that have not only alleviated her discomforts but have improved the health and lives of hundreds of others.

She was the founder and director of a non-profit clinic that provided low cost alternative and complementary health services to patients undergoing cancer treatment. She, along with a long list of volunteers, worked with local cancer care agencies and patients to educate and provide assistance during treatment, and beyond. Though the clinic no longer operates she remains passionate about helping others through their cancer journey and other health challenges. She regularly volunteers with Oregon Cancer Foundation, offers group and private instruction in self-lymphatic drainage, breast health and individualized movement training.

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