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Oregon Cancer Foundation Online Event: Extra Gentle Yoga with Guided Mediation taught by Diane Butera

Let’s meet on a zoom call, hear about Diane Butera’s personal cancer journey and find some ways to relax and heal from what is going on with our own cancer journey, our community Covid journey and anything else that we might be dealing with. Diane Butera is offering to teach this class to Oregon Cancer Foundation to help our community during this time. Please Join Us!

All you need is:

*Comfortable Clothing

*Place to sit comfortably

*Place to lay down comfortably for 30 minutes

*Blankets and Pillows

Description of Yoga Nidra: A calming, stress-relieving class designed to rejuvenate and heal the body and mind. Whether you are stressed, have injuries, chronic pain, or trouble with sleep, you will benefit from this class providing gentle movement, breathing techniques, restorative poses, plus the healing guided meditation of Yoga Nidra — all proven to reduce stress and improve the quality of sleep and well-being. All are welcome. No yoga experience necessary.

Mindful Wellness with Diane Butera offers support and practical tools to reduce the fear, anxiety, pain and stress that often accompanies a cancer journey. Diane Butera, former owner of Eugene Yoga, is herself an ovarian cancer survivor of nine years. In addition to conventional chemotherapy, she found tremendous healing power using mindfulness tools such as yoga nidra, a guided meditation, to move through the cancer experience with ease. Diane offers a sliding scale to cancer patients who want to access her support.