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Tango for a Cause: Tango Roots (Beginner)

Benefiting the Oregon Cancer Foundation

Instructors: Charles & Wella Augustine

When: Sundays

Times: Beginner:11:30a – 12:30p; Intermediate: 12:34p – 1:45p; Advanced: 2:00p – 3:00p

Location: Northwest Fencing Academy, 436 Charnelton Street, Eugene, OR

Cost: This class is drop-in friendly and you do not have to come with a partner.

The cost is $12 for a single class, $55 for 5 classes, or $100 for 10 classes.
The cost for students (age 24 and under with valid student ID) is $7 per class.

Class Descriptions Below

About Tango Roots (Beginner)

Tango Roots is intended for those who have no Argentine Tango experience. Students will be introduced to basic Argentine Tango movement, connection, navigation on the dance floor, and etiquette.

The goal of this class is to provide the necessary experience to dance socially and to progress to the Tango Core classes. Classes will always cover the tango walk, connection, navigation, and etiquette. Each class will also cover at least one of the following “root” topics:

Side Steps
Back Steps
Cunita (Rock Step)

About Tango Core

Tango Core is intended for those who have already taken some Argentine Tango classes (see the Tango Roots class) in the past and are looking to add to and/or improve their tango vocabulary. Each class will explore a foundational Argentine Tango movement (or set of related movements) from the following “core” topics:

Close Embrace
Embrace Dynamics
Walking Inside/Outside
Crusada (The Cross)
Cross System
Corrida (Run)
Ochos (Figure Eights)
Giro (Turns around the leader)
Molinete (Follower footwork for turns around the leader)
Ocho Cortado (Cut Ocho)
Parada (Stop)
Pasada (Step over)
Sanguchito (Little sandwich)
Barrida (Sweep)

About Tango Expansion

Tango Expansion is intended for those who are comfortable with foundational Argentine Tango movement and are looking to further expand their vocabulary. Each class will explore a concept that requires an understanding of and ability to execute foundational Argentine Tango movements (see the Tango Core class). Class concepts will generally be based on the following “expansion” concepts:

Leader Sacadas (Displacement)
Circular Boleos (Whip)
Bicicleta (Pedaling)
Ganchos (Hook)
Enganche (Wrap)
Calesita (Turns around the follower)
Volcada (Lean)
Double Weighting
Follower Sacadas
Colgada (Hang)
Linear Boleos
Enrosques (Coil)